The cars in my life!!

Here is a little list of my previous cars:

1. BMW 528i, -78, a really neat car with a blown up engine...
2. Opel Manta A, -72, a really great "race" car. Faster than Golf GTi up to 70km/h :-)
3. BMW 320S, -76, Neat car, I love the momentum in those BMW engines..
4. Mazda 626GLX, -84, Neat car, had all luxury except powersteering and AirConditioning.
5. Opel Senator 3.0E, -79, Wow! What a car!!! Definately my favourite Opel!
6. Toyota Corolla Wagon. 1.3 -82 Eeeew what a car. Bought due to a breakdown of the Opel.
7. Volvo 245 -79 Automatic. A cheap car both to own and to keep running. Bought since the Toyota was scrapped.
8. Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8, -94. Finally a =REAL= car! :-)
9. Volvo 945GL -91, a safe and fairly cheap car. And not too old either...
10. A Chevrolet Van G20! -89 vith a 350cui V8 and TH700 automatic gearbox, just the way I want it.
11. A brand new Saab 93 2,2TiD, a company car that I'll have for 3 years. Delivered 2003-11-18.
12. A Mitsubishi Lancer GLS 1.3 -89. Mostly bought for Monika to have something to drive now that she has got a drivers license.
13. A Volvo 855 SE 2.5 -95. Bought as a replacement for the Saab 93 that will be returned to the company when I change jobs.
14. Not a car, but a motorbike. A Suzuki GSx750e from 1982.
15. Not a car either, but a Harley. A Sportster XLH 1200 from -88
16. Another non-car. A Suzuki SV 650 from -99.
17. A company car again. A Saab 95 2.0t from -04 I think.(The gallery is not there quite yet!)
18. A replacement for the company car. A BMW 530d touring from -00
18. A company car yet again. A Volvo V50 T5 from -05(No gallery there yet)

I currently own number 18,14 and 15, and I drive the number 18-car when I'm not having a broken leg that stops me from driving a stick-shift....

The car-gallery
In the gallery you can find pictures of:
The Mazda 626
The Toyota Corolla
The Opel Senator
The Volvo 245
The Jeep Grand Cherokee
The Volvo 945
The Chevy Van
The Saab93
The Mitsubishi Lancer
The Volvo 855
The Suzuki GSX750e
The Sportster
The Suzuki SV650
The BMW 530d Touring